24 Hours of Le Mans 2007

Bob believes Le Mans is a pilgrimage every motorsport lover and auto enthusiast must make at least once in a lifetime. He had the opportunity to go to this “Mother of all Motorsport” events in 2007 as a special invitee of the Audi Sport Race Team and he not only had access to the Audi lounge and hospitality area, but also the pits.

He stayed for over 24 hours at the track itself and even grabbed a few hours’ of sleep at the special “Audi Tented Village”. Memories of watching the speedy action from up close and through most of the night are etched in Bob’s memory. He says, “Every moment at Le Mans felt fantastic and like I was living a dream. Without seeing Le Mans live, I could never have imagined how tough and challenging it is for the cars, drivers and teams. Le Mans is where a team’s reliability, speed, stamina, guts and passion are tested to the limit and beyond”.