My Books and Reviews

Bob’s passion for traveling, observing, learning, meeting people, and exploring and understanding India’s vast diversity and its numerous manmade and natural wonders, has resulted in him authoring nine books on a variety of subjects, ranging from the history of a Rolls-Royce owned by the Royal Family of Udaipur/Mewar, to India’s best destinations.

His first book was the critically acclaimed bestseller ‘Driving Holidays in India’. It was a pioneering book that resulted in the creation of a whole new segment of books.

In 2013, Bob authored a completely new edition of this bestseller called ‘More Driving Holidays in India’, and this too was very well received.

He has also written and produced much-acclaimed coffee table books like – ‘India’s 100 Best Destinations’ (it was selected by Government of India Tourism for gifting to foreign dignitaries); ‘Tracking the Tiger- 50 days in India’s Best Tiger Reserves’; ‘Golden Quadrilateral– India’s First Modern Highway Network’ and ‘Living the Royal Life Volume I & II’ featuring prominent Indian royal and noble families.

Bob has also co-authored ‘The Royal Udaipur Rolls-Royce GLK 21’ and co-edited ‘The Story of the Star (Mercedes-Benz) in India’.