Maruti SS80s

Bob got delivery of his first red coloured SS80 shortly after it was launched in 1983. A couple of modifications were made on it almost immediately. A front spoiler was fabricated and the lower half was painted in silver giving this SS80 a distinct identity. Bob also drove it successfully in some hill-climbs and Autocross events.

The other white SS80 was purchased in 1985, and underwent more extensive modifications. It got made to order front spoiler, side skirts and a rear spoiler. Alloy wheels were also fitted and the seats were upholstered in Recaro seat fabric. This SS80 took Bob on many long journeys all across India.

This SS80 with a custom built front spoiler was driven successfully by Bob in some Autocrosses

This one was more extensively modified and had custom made front and rear spoilers and side skirts

It was also fitted with alloy wheels and the seats were upholstered in Recaro fabric