Bob’s First Car

His first car was a “pedal car” that he really enjoyed driving on the balcony of his home, or the compound of his building. In fact Bob’s love for cars as a child was well known to his family and friends, and on his birthday, etc, he was generally gifted scale model cars or other toy cars. He was so into scale model cars that he got into dismantling, and even modifying them. As a result, most of his model car collection was destroyed by his own hand!

As a child he also had a really nice slot car racing set, complete with lap counter and Bob got so good at slot car racing that many years later when he actually visited the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans Race, he had a great time racing slot cars with the sons of some former well known racing drivers. What’s more, even now when Bob visits a motor show or goes to an event where some slot car racing is happening, he immediately takes the hand controller and starts racing. While many people find this amusing, Bob says slot car racing is not a laughing matter. For him its serious racing as was demonstrated when he and the sons of some former racing champions got into serious slot car duels lasting a couple of hours at Le Mans.