Ford Capri

Amongst all the cars owned by his family, this is Bob’s favourite car. And he is really disappointed that they made the mistake of selling it as the Ford Capri fastback coupé is now a valuable collector’s car.

This 1971 Ford Capri was modified by Bob’s brother Gulu, but it was actually Bob that had the most fun in it. He regularly took it to college and drove it flat out most of the time. The modifications made on it included a custom made front spoiler with built in fog lights, rear windscreen louvers, alloy wheels, custom paint job, etc. The original front seats were replaced with a pair made by Recaro and a very high end Pioneer audio system was also installed, for in-car entertainment. 

Bob had a lot of fun driving this 1971 Ford Capri
Modifications include a front spoiler, rear louvers, alloy wheels, custom paint job, etc
The Capri will always be remembered as a great design, due to its timeless and stylish side profile