Isuzu Piazza

This is amongst the rarest cars owned by the Rupani’s and is one of the very few that made its way to India. This sporty and stylish 3-door coupé was produced in very low numbers, totaling slightly over 13,000 units. It was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro of the famous design house, Italdesign.

Hardly any modifications were made to this car and the only thing done was to give it a smart two tone paint job. Interestingly, Bob’s late brother Gul, imported some metal flake paint, which was used in the dark grey colour used on the upper portion. It was possibly the first time any car in India had been painted with metal flake paint.

This is amongst the rarest cars owned by the Rupani's
It was resprayed with metallic colours in a smart two tone paint scheme
Note the metal flake effect in the upper dark grey colour
Back in the 80s ,it was one of the most striking cars on the streets of Bombay
The Isuzu Piazza is now a valued collector’s car