Photos from Event
The 24 Hours of Le Mans is a must visit for any motorsport lover
Bob was elated at being at Le Mans
He had access to most areas and this is the view from the lounge
Being on the lower deck got you closer to the action
Strategy and teamwork are very vital at this 24 hours endurance race
Porsche has a longstanding association with this incredible and unique race
Watching whats happening in the pits is as much fun as what happens on the racetrack
The Ferrari Team is known for its well orchestrated pit stops. Note the insulated fuel reservoir
Le Mans also has many options for shopping and entertainment
The lounge also had a slot racing arena where Bob had a lot of fun
The lounge served excellent food and drink too
The portable device that lets one watch live action throughout the race
His press pass
Access pass for Audi lounge pits and camp
Access pass for Audi lounge pits and camp
And this gave free access to other areas