Maruti Gypsy (Cogito Ergo Zoom). Photos are below the text.

In 1987, Bob modified his first ever Maruti Gypsy, which was owned by his dear friend Suvir. Converting a soft-top Gypsy into a hardtop was a big thing back then, as was fitting a front facing rear seat. A standard Maruti Gypsy has side facing rear seats that are much higher than the front ones, as the flooring at the rear is raised. But Bob devised a way to cut and lower the floor, ensuring both front and rear seats were at the same height. 

Another huge achievement was that the hardtop was removable and under it was a strong roll bar. Bob imported and fitted Weller Wheels and a sunroof, and both attracted lots of attention as they were very novel and rare then. The front round headlights were replaced with rectangular ones, and a cool black removable cover was specially fabricated and fitted over them for additional visual impact.

Other modifications included a front light bracket, side nerf bars, a jerry can on the rear tailgate, some graphics and custom painting, rally bonnet pins, sporty door mounted mirrors, covered luggage compartment with side storage boxes, and four fog lights smartly fitted within the front bumper. Cogito Ergo Zoom – “I think, therefore I am”.

This was the first ever Maruti Gypsy modified by Bob
Converting a soft-top to a hardtop, was a big thing back then
The unique hardtop could also be removed
As it was used extensively for long journeys, a jerry can was also fitted
The sunroof was a really unique feature then
The black headlight covers also attracted attention
Bob’s attention to detail is evident in the wiper arm covers and bonnet pin
Tailights and headlights had protective covers
Note the Great Desert Himalaya Press Vehicle sticker
Hardtop is removed. Note the roll bar and front facing rear seat
Note the covered luggage compartment and side storage boxes
Cogito Ergo Zoom or – I think, therefore I am