Maruti Gypsy (Typhoon). Photos are below the text.

This Gypsy was modified in the mid 90’s and again as it was meant mainly for city use, the focus was on the looks and sportiness, along with some muscle. To balance the proportions, Bob reduced the rear overhang by cutting the chassis and shortening the body at the rear.

Bob also tried to streamline Typhoon by reshaping and rounding the edges of the bonnet, which were extended to sit flush with the front fenders. The round headlights were replaced with rectangular ones and a specially fabricated grille with horizontal slats connected them. The custom made front and rear bumpers were also rounded, as the plan was to give a more smooth- edged look to this Gypsy.

Amongst the significant design changes was the extension and reshaping of the B-Pillar, which in turn connected with a fixed and suitably curved hardtop panel over the front seats. To further add muscle to the design, a smartly shaped roll bar was also fabricated and the spare wheel was moved to the center of the tailgate to give better balance to the design.

An elaborate 4 piece spoiler was also made to order and fitted on the rear tailgate and fenders. Bob’s trademark nerf bars and white Weller Wheels were also installed as were sporty door mirrors, colour coded wiper arm covers, etc. A dramatic custom paint job added to visual presence.

On the inside, Bob fitted his signature front facing rear seat and also remodeled the front ones and gave them built-in headrests, with the seat upholstery having “Typhoon” embroidered on it. A sporty looking soft-top was fitted during the monsoons, to deal with any actual typhoons!

The bonnet was extended and rounded to sit flush with the fenders
The rear overhang was reduced by shortening the body
The B-Pillar was extended and slanted to go with the sporty roll bar
Spare wheel was moved to the center. Note the elaborate spoiler
A sporty soft-top was also made for use in the monsoons
Typhoon with its soulmate, Splash