Maruti SS80 (Designer). Photos are below the text.

This SS80 was done for a client and the whole modification project was a tribute to one of Bob’s favourite cars, the Lancia Delta Integrale. The entire front end was fabricated to look like that of the Integrale, and Bob even put a bulge in the bonnet and gave it grooves similar to the Lancia.

Most of the work was done on making the front face look as much like a Lancia Delta as possible and a rear roof spoiler was fabricated too. Alloy wheels with spacers were fitted as were sporty door mirrors. A custom paint job along with explosive graphics, gave this SS80 a unique identity.

But what Bob is particularly kicked about is the single wiper fitted in the center position, below the windscreen. The complete wiper linkage system was altered, and a longer arm and blade fitted to clean the entire windscreen with just one wiper. It not just worked well, but also looked very good and given Bob’s attention to detail, he also fitted an appropriate wiper arm cover. 

The modification of the front end was inspired by the Lancia Delta Integrale
Note the rear spoiler and custom paint job with explosive graphics
Note the alloy wheels with spacers and sporty door mirrors
Note the extended row of indicator lights, yellow fogs and attractive license plate frame
Note the single wiper and the smaller round lights that are actually aircraft landing lights
The custom made upholstery also had the name Designer, and the Auto Style logo embroidered in it