Rally Maruti 800s. Photos are below the text.

The one with the blue stripes is Bob’s personal rally Maruti 800. It had extensive structural and mechanical modifications, and with Bob’s penchant for smart looking machines, the exterior look was also given a lot of attention.  A custom paint job in different shades of blue along with the cleverly designed extra light bracket, gave this Maruti 800 a distinctive and neat rally car look. Bob also likes the innovative way in which the fuel filler for the extra fuel tank was installed in a panel fitted in the quarter glass space.

The other Maruti 800 with the red and white paint scheme was done for a client and also fitted with a fiberglass front spoiler. And both cars had horns mounted on the light bracket itself, to ensure other road users could easily be alerted, without disturbing the occupants of the car too much. 

This was Bobs personal rally car
Note the filler for the additional fuel tank fitted on a panel in the quarter glass space
The striking paint job and smartly designed light bracket, gave a stylish touch
This rally Maruti 800 was done for a client
Note the reflective safety triangles and two extra reverse lights
Note the front bumper lip spoiler and the wiper arm covers
Note the front bumper lip spoiler and the wiper arm covers