Photos from Event
Bob’s competition number was 26 and here he is putting the stickers before the start
Checking out the showroom condition 1977 VW Scirocco that had done less than 500 kms
The sporty Volkswagen Scirocco with its direct steering and sharp handling was a treat to drive
Bob met his navigator Carolin just an hour before the start and here they are holding the road book
Bob is grateful that Volkswagen Classic invited him to drive their Scirocco in this event
Informal participant briefing before the start
Participants and organizers posing for the official camera just prior to the start
Participants and their cars were properly introduced before being flagged off
Bob and Carolin on the red carpeted starting line
All set to go. Three, two, one
Bob thoroughly enjoyed driving the Scirocco
And Carolin did a great job of navigating
The event had lots of skill tests and games
Like getting a model car to stop in the marked slot
And throwing newspapers into a bucket from a moving car
Bob hit the bulls-eye in the game of darts
Carolin holds the cylinder head while Bob tries to fit the spark plugs
Some participants also wore perfect period dresses
Bob and Carolin were the only Indo German team
At the end of Day 1 they were in 2nd position and were given many goodies
Carolin and the pretty German countryside
The route was scenic and had some super driving roads
The cars were both old and youngtimers with the cut-off manufacturing year being 1995
Fragrance of flowers and a lovely classic car- what a charming combination
Bob and Carolin made really a good team
Carolin’s navigating board complete with stopwatch
Just another shitty day, in paradise
Oldschool girls had a lot of fun in their head turning hot rod
Though these two met just before the start, many mistook them as a regular team
Bob believes the best way to see the world is through the windscreen of an automobile
The finishing line also had a red carpet
Celebrations and greetings on the finishing line
Post-event party for the Indo German Team
There was plenty of the famous German beer
And also one of Bob’s favourite dishes-currywurst with fries
Bob’s event identity tag