Book Launch Event

This book showcases the regal and aristocratic lifestyles of some of the most prominent royal and noble families of India.

Indian maharajas and princely rulers are known the world over for their lavish lifestyles, stylish sophistication and good taste. This book provides a wondrous window into the present day lifestyles of these erstwhile Rajput rulers and features everything from preservation of the Marwari horse, to building an unparalleled museum, to creating an amazing ‘Car Bar’. This book on Indian Royalty also presents a Princess who paints and one who has helped preserve and promote a dinosaur fossil site.

The passions, creativity, talent and enterprise of over a dozen royal and aristocratic personalities and families – are featured in this very unique and high quality book. 

Invitation to celebrate the Royal Life
The entrance
Reception Desk
Stage is set
Rakesh Srivastava and Y J Ahn of Hyundai Motor India with the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 tropy that was displayed at the venue
Rakesh Srivastava (left), H.H Rana Manvendra Singh Barwani and Shapur Kotwal, Editor What Car
Bob and his wife Madhu, with Rakesh Srivastava and Kunwar Jitendra Singh
Many aristrocrats graced the event
Madhu Rupani (Right) with Shalu Sainani and Nicky
Nawabzadi (Princess) Aaliya Sultana Babi of Balasinor
An interesting talk before the launch
Rakesh Srivastava, Sr. Vice President (Sales & Marketing), Hyundai Motor India
Bob shares what went into making of the book
The launch event had an elite audience
H.H The Maharaja of Jodhpur Gaj Singhji sent a recorded message that was played before the launch
H.H Rana Manvendra Singh Barwani
Nawabzada Sultan Salauddinkhan Babi of Balasinor
L to R- Rakesh Srivastava, Bob and Y J Ahn
Group shot with some of the royals featured in the book
Gaurav Gill, 3 time winner of the FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship with Rakesh Srivastava
Rakesh Srivastava and Maharaj Kumar Harshvardhan Singh of Dungarpur
All class and grace
Kunwarani of Kelwa with Maharaj Kumari Priyadarshan Kumari of Dungarpur (Right)
Bob with Gaurav Gill, the only Indian to win the APRC crown three times
Multiple-time Indian National Rally Champion, Hari Singh checking out the book
It gets the rally champs thumbs up
L to R- Cdr H.K Singh, M.K Dungarpur, film actor Rahul Singh and Nawabzada Balasinor
Informal Party after Book Launch
Maharaj Kumar Harshvardhan Singh of Dungarpur with his friend Rajen
Kunwar Jitendra Singh of Kelwa with Bob
L to R- Kunwar Jitendra Singh, Bhanwar Siddharth Singh of Piploda and Thakur Shivraj Sinh of Limdi
Commander H.K Singh (Left) with Alok Rathi
L to R-Nawabzada Salauddinkhan Babi of Balasinor, Cdr. H.K Singh and actor Rahul Singh
L to R- Princess Aaliya Babi of Balasinor, Maharaj Kumari Priyadarshan Kumari of Dungarpur and Bhanwarani Harshita Singh of Piploda
L to R- Namita Velkar, Sanjay and Shalu Sainani
Rahul Singh
Bob with his assistant Raja
Cdr. H.K Singh and Thakur Shivraj Singh of Limdi
Sitdown dinner
The Chief Chef cum owner Yajush, got complimented for the food