Photos from Event
All set to drive from Berlin to Bombay via the Silk Road
Convoy rolling
We drove both on-road and off-road
Many highways in Central Asia were completely traffic free
Driving on the now dry Aral Sea
Bob fell in love with Uzbekistan
The Range Rover Evoque was the official vehicle of the Expedition
The Silk Road once connected China and India to Rome
Uzbekistan is full of lovely monuments
Anyone for Aladdin’s magic lamp
Bob really enjoyed the long driving hours
His legal name was put just above his driving seat
The participants were stuck for more than 12 hours at the Kazakhstan- Uzbekistan Border
The customs official kept the cars and participants in the fenced no mans land between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
Punctures were a pain, especially when you had to replace the tyres at night. Note the plank to place the jack
Bob loved sleeping under the stars and never used his tent
With the remarkable Russian made Antonov AN-2
15 countries, 11,000 kms- now thats what you call a drive
The father of the Indian samosa-baked somsas in Uzbekistan
Fuel was not easily available in some Central Asian countries
Bob with his German co-driver Hennings Luke
Regrouping at the Bandra Sealink, Mumbai, before driving to the finish
Bob was delighted to show Hennings and the other participants his city
Arriving at the finish at the Police Gymkhana, Mumbai
Bob was the only Indian invited to be part of this event
The grand finale
Silk Road Route map