Tracking the Tiger – 50 Days in India’s Best Tiger Reserves

This book provides a wondrous window to India’s ‘wild world’. Thousands of books have been written on Indian wildlife. But this one is different. Where this book differs from others is that each photograph carries the day, date and time on which it was taken. Yes, the photography was done in real time and taken in just 50 days!

Almost all other wildlife books have photographs taken or compiled over a long period of time with special access and assistance from the various governmental authorities for tracking of animals, etc. But for this book- no special arrangements were made or sought. The photographs were taken on paid wildlife safaris, making this book as ‘real and authentic as possible.

The high quality photographs are one of the highlights of the book and most have been taken by Dhritiman Mukherjee, one of India’s most respected wildlife and nature photographers. He has won numerous awards for his wildlife photography and is globally recognized as a master of his craft.

Tracking the Tiger is supported by Land Rover and the foreword is written by Virginia McKenna, Founder, and Trustee of the Born Free Foundation. She also played the role of Joy Adamson in the acclaimed and award winning film, Born Free.