Polar Drive 2010

This snow event was all about learning how to make a car slide, drift and dance. Jochi Kleint, 1979 European rally champion was the driving instructor at the ‘Audi Driving Experience’ held in Arjeplog, which is just 56 kms south of the Arctic or Polar Circle. Here winter temperatures are below – 40 degrees centigrade and people have lived here since the end of the last ice age.

Today Arjeplog is the winter car testing capital of the world and Bob says, “This land of ice has about 8000 frozen lakes with a local population of just 3,000 people. Every year engineers and test drivers from all the leading car companies come to this sparsely inhabited wilderness to develop their products. I was blessed to do a “Polar Driving Course” here and with every passing lap my skills and confidence levels grew. I learnt so much and seeing the world from the side window, while feeding in opposite lock to the steering, will remain one of my most memorable experiences ever”.