Rallye 604 for Old and Youngtimer 2015

This classic car event was for cars manufactured up to 1995. Bob says, “I was incredibly lucky that Volkswagen Classic gave me from their museum a 1977 Volkswagen Scirocco, which had clocked less than 500km! I was introduced to my navigator Carolin Jäckel just an hour before the start. She was good with the road book and very friendly too, and we got along from the moment we drove over the red carpet at the start. Later we were asked the length of the carpet”.

“Yes, at the Rallye 604, results are decided by various games and skill tests such as stopping your car within a designated distance, throwing a newspaper into a bucket from a moving car, refitting a spark plug after removing it, etc. Every evening the results for the day were announced and on Day 1, we were second. This called for a celebration which went on till late in the night. A little too late maybe, as the next day, we lost a lot of ground, dropping from second to eventually finish 22nd”.