Reviews of the Golden Quadrilateral

The Golden Quadrilateral received many positive and inspiring reviews with about 10 newspapers, 10 magazines and many online websites and portals featuring it. Here are some excerpts and you can click on the links below to read the full version.

  • As R.C. Bhargava says, “There could be no better person than Bob Rupani to write on the subject”. Business India, Sep 2016
  • There is nobody better qualified to write a book on the Golden Quadrilateral. Man’s World, Nov 2016
  • The Golden Quadrilateral makes for a delightful read. The New Indian Express, Sep 2016
  •  It’s a must-have book for those who enjoy long distance driving. Zig Wheels, Oct 2016
  •  The book makes the reader feel as if they are right there in the passenger seat. Overdrive, Sep 2016
  •  It reveals hidden roads that even Google Maps won’t be able to trace. Auto X, Nov 2016
  • Rupani’s book is as much about history as it is about geography. The Indian Express, Sep 2016
  • A book that will remain on your coffee table long after the last drop of brew has been sipped. Car India, Oct 2016
  • In his characteristic lucid style, Bob effortlessly spins a story about the Golden Quadrilateral. Evo India, Dec 2016
  • Rupani has brought out a ready reckoner on the changes after the construction of the Golden Quadrilateral. Sakaal Times, Nov 2016
  • There are some unbelievable pictures. Auto Today, Dec 2016
  • This road-tripping volume is full of motorway memories and memorabilia. DNA, Oct 2016

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