Safari Rally 1988 & 1990

The Safari Rally is considered the toughest car rally and endurance event in the world. It’s the one event every rally driver wants to win at least once in their lifetime. And while Bob never competed in this event, he went to see and cover it as a journalist twice.

Bob says, “Ever since I learnt of it in the 1970s, it was my dream to be at the Safari Rally. This dream came true not once but twice. First in 1988 when I went there with my friend Asif  Haidery. And again in 1990 when Sandeep Dodhiwala joined me. Both times I went as media and in all likelihood I am the first ever Indian journalist to travel to a World Rally Championship and report on it. Going to the Safari Rally remains one of the most memorable events of my life.”

In 1988, Bob’s friend Jay Mehta loaned his Range Rover and Bob and Asif drove over almost the entire 4200 kms rally route. In 1990, Sandeep and he got an Isuzu Trooper, and also drove nearly the full route of the rally.